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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19):How is it transmitted?

The virus is spread when infected people sneeze, cough on, or touch surfaces or objects, such as tables, doorknobs and handrails. Other people may become infected by touching these contaminated surfaces, then touching their eyes, noses or mouths without cleaning their hands first.

Aerosol transmission can occur in specific settings, particularly indoor spaces that are crowded and inadequately ventilated, where infected person(s) spend long periods of time with others.

World Health Organization

What solutions does CleanSpace USA provide?

★★★★★ Our technology and our system:

CleanSpace Nano Platinum Chloride Coating Offering 24/7 Protection

CleanSpace UVC Air Space Purification

CleanTest Bacteriological Testing and Monthly Monitoring

What is Nano Platinum Chloride Technology?

Utilizing the latest COVID-fighting technology in Japan, Platinum Chloride protects high-touch areas 24/7 by creating a continous reaction of heightened oxidation/reduction, which then causes spontaneous decomposition of the organic molecules in bacteria. The coating is the size of 4 nanometers and can be applied to wood, glass, metal, ceramic, vinyl, plastic, fabric, clothing and other materials. One application can last up to two years, and it is proven to inactivate viruses and bacteria while also removing odors.

What is CleanSpace UVC Air Space Purification?

Our system disinfects the entire room rather than just the air that passes through the device, ensuring that your air is cleansed and protected 24/7. A UVC light is projected 360 degrees to effectively reduce bacteria, viruses, mold and other pathogens in the entire room.

How do you protect your business, employees and customers?



Schedule a bacterial test. We use 3M Petrifilm Plates with a one-week turnaround from our lab.



Learn about where your business has the largest bacteria counts. Develop a CleanSpace program and review the associated costs.



Schedule your cleaning, disinfection, and nano platinum application. We work with ABC Corporation, a local company that has been in business since 1933.



We will perform another bacterial test and share the results with you. We will also review the steps for proper maintenance.



Receive a work safety evaluation as well as monthly monitoring and ongoing education.

Got COVID or a high-risk space?No problem! We can handle it!

Our sanitization experts are fully equipped to handle hazardous situations, including environments exposed to COVID-19. They are professionally trained to move into a contaminated space, successfully purify the air, and sanitize all surfaces, so that the area can be used safely again.

Testimonials Hear What Our Customers Are Saying



The CleanSpace team was very professional, scheduling the service promptly, being very responsive and flexible to the needs of the City Council. They went above and beyond to ensure one of our offices was done on a different day to accommodate the schedule of an outgoing member. They were equally professional during the monitoring and testing process.

Kenny Amazaki, Administrative Services Officer, Honolulu City Council, City Council Offices and Chamber


At HSTA, our goals were to create the safest environment possible for our staff and be prepared for when we reopen our offices to members and the public. CleanSpace USA presented the technology and explained how it is proven to help with bacterial levels. The team worked with our own janitorial crew to ensure their products were complementary to what we use and provided great support. When they came back to do the bacteriological testing, we were able to see the results. It’s been a very easy process. I like the proven technology and we are optimistic that with CleanSpace we can maintain a safe workspace.

Monica Naone, Director of Administration, Hawaii State Teachers Association


We had family arriving from the West Coast to stay with us and I was worried about the virus. Even though we are careful, the CleanSpace treatment provided us with a higher level of comfort and additional protection. Not only did they treat our home, but our vehicles, too.

The crew did such a fantastic job. I was worried at first, because it was a home, not an office, but they did the whole house, including the blinds, the kitchen and the baths. The spray was dry immediately, with no odor. It’s completely safe and non-toxic so it’s very easy for a family and home environment.

I wanted to figure out what was best for our family and the CleanSpace treatment is an easy and safe way to keep the house clean, sterile and virus free. We have stayed safe and are very pleased!

Gwen Tamaru, Resident in Honolulu, Hawaii


The CleanSpace process is a good way to protect our employees and make them feel comfortable in the workspace. We try our best to keep things clean and follow safety guidelines, but the nano platinum technology is reliable and something we can really count on. For our office it was easy, painless and we like the inexpensive nature of it. For our employees, there was very little down time. The crew came in, cleaned and treated the areas, and in a matter of minutes, our staff was back at work!

Vaughn W Chong, Financial Secretary/Treasurer/Business Manager, United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers, Local 221


We were impressed by their presentation and the technology. The nano platinum coating lasts two years, which is great. The team is very professional – they come in and explain the technology in an easy-to-understand presentation. The client gets to determine which areas they want to protect, such as the high-traffic locations and our vehicles. Everyone is doing their part by wearing masks and using sanitizer, but this is an extra coverage of safety for our staff.

We also want to protect our agents, who go into the field and visit different sites each day and who engage with many members in the field. So, CleanSpace treated several vehicles. The team has come back to test and everything is good so far. The process has been effective in keeping the bacteria counts down.

Peter Ganaban, Business Manager / Secretary-Treasurer, Laborers Union Local 368


We reviewed several different businesses, their quotes and their approaches to figure out who would best serve us. We added CleanSpace to our list of approved vendors, so we would be prepared.

When someone on our staff got sick, we were able to quickly call CleanSpace USA. They responded rapidly to disinfect and clean the facilities. They also applied the nano platinum coating. We like that it is a lasting cleaning, and we have avoided any further incidents. In the event there is another exposure in the office, we are prepared with the right products and can clean the areas instead of a complete shutdown. CleanSpace fits our guidelines as far as cost and processes. Their response time was very quick, which is what we were looking for. Everything has worked out well.

Luther Beck, United Public Workers Hawaii


We went with the CleanSpace process for several reasons. Not only is it proven to reduce bacteria and viruses, but it provides peace of mind to our staff, who work in high-traffic areas and are exposed to many people each day. It’s important to have the before and after testing, which shows the impact the nano platinum provides. This process offers two years of protection that, combined with our normal cleaning protocols, will heighten sanitation and ease many concerns of our staff, students and families.

We are moving throughout the school to clean and protect high-touch and high-traffic areas, beginning with the cafeteria and restrooms. Eventually we will treat the classrooms, science lab, locker rooms, athletic facilities, band room and more. The testing and monitoring helps us deal with the unknown. It has been low-impact on the students, is cost efficient and gives us a way to deal with the threat of illness.

Alfredo Carganilla, Principal, Farrington High School


As a financial firm, we are concerned that our employees have a safe working environment and that our clients are also guaranteed of a clean and safe operation. CleanSpace presented their services and the concept of the nano platinum system appealed to us. They did a thorough cleaning job and applied the coating. In addition, our team is following all cleanliness protocols. CleanSpace has come back to monitor and test, and the system is working.

I recommend that everyone do their research and make their own decision, but as far as the quality and the application of the product, we are pleased with the results. CleanSpace USA did a good job.

Alan Chinen, President/CEO, Chinen & Arinaga Financial Group


CleanSpace brought in a crew to treat nearly 30,000 square feet of our office space. We were concerned about our staff being there during the process, but it was fine. They were very professional; there is no odor. The crew even treated some of the staff’s masks and phones. It’s amazing because the spray comes out completely dry.

Shortly after the treatment, we received a call that one of our office employees had tested positive. Fortunately, CleanSpace had briefed us on what to do, and we knew how to handle it.

CleanSpace came in and tested everything she might have touched and it was all protected. The nano platinum coating counteracts the contagious effects of bacteria and viruses, so we were safe. The employee had been in the office, but because of the CleanSpace treatment and the nano coating, there were no bacteria counts and everything was fine. We did not have to shut down and everyone who had been working in the office could breathe a sigh of relief.

Name withheld, Honolulu Business, Honolulu, Hawaii

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